Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 Easy Tips to Save You Money on Gas

Who doesn't love packing up the car and hitting the road for a nice long road trip every summer? As the calendar inches towards summer and the beach starts calling your name, mentally planning your next road trip during endless meetings just can't be helped. Not to put a damper on your master summer plan, but as gas prices continue to rise, the famous road trip might be losing some of its luster, shine and economy in the eyes of the consumer. Luckily for the road warrior, there are quite a few little changes that you can make that will make a big difference in the amount you shell out for gas over the years. Some say that high gas prices are here to stay, so the sooner you can put into practice these three easy tips, the better!

Drive a fuel efficient vehicle 

Driving that gas guzzler from the 1990's or 80's isn't going to save you any money at the pump, but you don't have to swing to the other extreme and head out to buy a brand new Prius to notice a difference in what you spend on gas. Electric, hybrid, or even just a newer vehicle can change the amount of money you spend each week at the pump. There is constantly advancing technology in new cars that is making even regular gas powered cars more fuel efficient than in the past. Cost calculators even help you figure out your "break even" point for buying a new car and getting the money back in savings on gas.

Maintain your car

It might seem painful at the time to hand over the credit card, but undoubtedly regular maintenance over time will save you money. Doing things like keeping your tires properly inflated and changing your oil regularly are easy things to do. Taking the time to stop at the air tank to make sure that your tires are inflated to the right amount is a simple thing that can make a difference in the life of your tires and the quality of your ride. When it comes to changing your oil, you can pay someone to do it (usually with a coupon) or even learn how to do it yourself.

Think before you drive

When thinking about where you need to go in your car, planning ahead and consolidating trips is always a money saver. Headed to the farmer's market, the dry cleaners and the coffee shop? Planning out your route to avoid back tracking by putting several small trips together into one big trip just requires a little thought before you go. When you are doing daily errands, remember to make it a point to take out all that stuff that tends to consolidate in the back seat and trunk, in order to lighten your load. There isn't any use carrying around unnecessary equipment either. Things like skis, bike, boat and luggage racks should be taken off when they aren't in use to reduce drag and add money to your wallet.


This guest post was written by Freedom Rims, a Responsible Military Lender since 1983. Freedom Rims offers rims financing for a variety of performance rims and tires including ICW Racing and Ballistic Rims throughout the USA.

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