Friday, February 14, 2014

Maximize the Value of Selling your Used Car

The following is a guest post by Amanda Sozak about tips on maximizing the value of your used car. Use her advice to your advantage, and remember to visit Betten Imports when looking to sell your used car or to meet any other transportation needs.

No matter how much you love your car at some point you’ll have to part ways. If you’ve formed a special bond with your vehicle and you decide to sell it, you’ll want to part ways on good terms by knowing you’re getting the most out of the sale. Next time you purchase a car or before putting your current ride up for sale, consider these tips to maximize your car’s value.

Old Volkswagen Beetle

Leave it alone!

Sure it might be fun to put in that bumping speaker system you saw while you were at Best Buy, but customizations by and large will actually hurt the resale value of your car. Anything that involves an intrusive upgrade (cutting into the dashboard, changing the wiring, etc.) can be a big turnoff to potential buyers. If you have made customizations, or are considering it, be sure that you can return the car to its original state before putting it up for sale. So, if you’re replacing the speakers or adding custom rims, keep the originals and put them back on before you put it up for sale.

Drive more safely.

You’ve probably seen the Carfax commercials on TV. Car buyers have more access to information on vehicle repair history than ever before. If your vehicle has been in a handful of wrecks people will be able to find out and may not trust the kind of shape it’s in, even if it looks fine. Of course, you can’t always avoid getting in a wreck, but if you do don’t skimp on the repairs. Get your repairs done by a reputable body shop and make sure they use OEM parts. The short term expense will improve your resale value down the road.

Remember to sell the warranty, too.

If you’ve purchased an extended warranty for your vehicle be sure you factor that into your pricing. Most of these are transferable and can add substantial value to your sale price. Simply prorate the remaining time or miles on your extended warranty based on the total amount you’ve paid for it and work that into the resale price. Particularly if you’re selling this car yourself, this can be an attractive add on for potential buyers.

Keep a maintenance log with receipts.

Buyers are by rights skeptical so it’s up to you as the seller to let them know that the car has been well maintained. Be sure you stick to a rigid maintenance schedule and save all receipts of oil changes, tune ups and minor repairs. Being able to hand over a maintenance log and an organized collection of these receipts will ensure a potential buyer that the car was well maintained, and that you might be a little obsessive compulsive about the vehicle (which will work in your favor).

Keep it clean

Even if you follow all of the above steps perfectly, aesthetics still close the deal. If your car runs nicely but has a back seat full of old french fries you’re just throwing money away. Take the time to make your car spotless inside and out, or keep an eye out for a detailing deal on Groupon to have it done by professionals. Either way, keeping your vehicle spotless while it’s up for sale will only work in your favor.

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