Sunday, October 5, 2014

How To Import A Vehicle From Japan - The Stress-Free Way

A big thanks to Dav Wayman for his knowledge on the following post. His insight on the Japanese auto market is excellent to read if you are considering this option. Enjoy!

You love cars. You love cars so much you've managed to develop an entire business out of it. It has not only been very rewarding personally, but also, thankfully, financially fulfilling. But now it’s time you expanded your inventory. Now it’s time to look for hard-to-find, premium, and imported cars, particularly from Japan.

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Importing a vehicle from Japan will not be an easy process. First, there is the language barrier to deal with, unless you actually know how to speak Japanese. Second, there are multiple fees to consider. And third, you might have to travel to Japan to vet your supplier. But if you want to know how to import a vehicle from Japan, the economical and easy way, follow these steps.

Find a licensed exporter.
Instead of taking on the massive task on your own, maybe getting additional help like a translator or a broker, you might get better results by finding a licensed exporter that operates from Japan — one that knows the best sources for wide-ranging vehicles.

According to TS EXPORT, a company formed in 1983 that has been delivering professional exporting services from Japan, when finding an exporter you’ll want to look for longevity in the business, company registration, licences, and online reputation, among other factors. You’ll want to guarantee that your exporter follows ethical practices and that it is well known in the industry as a legitimate and high quality source for vehicles.

Research the market, both in your location and in Japan.
Experiencing a stress-free importation process is not simply just learning how to choose a Japanese car exporter. While it certainly is a smart investment to go with an industry expert, you should also try to bulk up on your knowledge of the markets.

Researching your home market will allow you to determine whether it’s better to import or source your cars locally. This will also help you figure out a target price for the cars you import, ensuring that you do not overspend. Meanwhile, researching the Japanese market will allow you to compare prices, from retail to wholesale for used and new vehicles.

Know the import requirements.
In addition to knowing about market prices, you should also be well aware of documents and fees you need for importing cars from Japan. Knowing about importation requirements will also prevent you from purchasing vehicles that might not be allowed by your home country. The same sort of knowledge could also matter if you’re interested in knowing how to import parts from Japan.

Be prepared for when the vehicle arrives.
Finally, your exporter takes care of things on their end but when the vehicles you’ve ordered arrive in your home country, you will want your own team to manage import related matters like paying for duties and choosing storage or arranging delivery to your place of business.

About the Author:

Dav Wayman is a car enthusiast. At such a young age, he has already attended close to a thousand car shows. To further intensify his knowledge in cars, he took a short course in Automotive. He is currently working for a car magazine and his column is about the latest automotive models available in the market. Each issue, he focuses on a specific brand and model. He scrutinizes it and provides readers insight whether they should purchase it or not. He occasionally writes for

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