Monday, July 15, 2013

Live Market Pricing, CPO? What is that?

We've All Heard the Stories...

Your Best-Friend-Forever - BFF (we will call her Megan), walks into a dealership and confronts the used car salesman about a vehicle she would like to purchase. The greasy salesman reaches deep into his filthy bag of financing, smooth talking, and schmoozing tricks, then comes back to her with an offer that she "simply can't refuse".

Megan, ecstatic about her new vehicle, drives rampant around town throwing caution to the wind, and hair blowing the breeze. A few short months later, the car starts to fall apart - piece by piece. She is constantly going back to the dealership for service repairs, new parts, and making new friends at the dealership that she never wanted in the first place. She ends up paying way more for her car than ever imagined, and she is constantly frustrated.

Fast-forward another month, and Megan starts to do a little research. The car she bought could have been purchased for $3,000 cheaper at another dealership, and she finds out that CPO doesn't stand for "Colorful Poinsettias Outside", no, it stands for "Certified Pre-Owned"! Megan feels betrayed, and that the dealership got the best of her.

Problems. Solved.

Here's the good news. You can solve both of her problems! Megan clearly didn't know about Live Market Pricing approach. A lot of dealerships say that they have the lowest price, but never actually do the necessary amount of research. Maybe they'll scan over a competitor or two and try to beat the price, but that's simply not enough.

At Betten Imports, they are constantly searching over 20,000 websites to find the best deal for their customers. They're looking at all the major and minor websites, like,, competitor websites, your brother's blog, and Nana's cooking website just to name a few. Maybe those last 2 are a bit exaggerated, you get the point. They are going to hunt down the best price for you, no questions asked. If the vehicle you're asking about doesn't meet specifications at the dealership, they will simply tell you, and won't sell the car. Most dealers try to pass off the older used cars off to anyone who will take them, but not at Betten Imports. Pretty cool, huh?

Had you suggested these tools to Megan, she could have saved the initial $3,000 and could have used that money toward... who knows... her never-ending service issues? Keep reading.

More Good News

The Certified Pre-Owned inspections by Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Volvo are all extremely in-depth, thorough, and rigorous. They are performed by factory-trained technicians, to assure you your vehicle is getting the highest quality inspection. This cuts down on the times you'll need to come in for repairs, simply because the vehicles were better taken care of to begin with. To see the full inspection list, click one of the manufacturers below:

Using time-travel, Live Market Pricing and the CPO program, you can go back in time before Megan bought her car, go to Betten Imports (where the salesmen aren't greasy), and assure her that her vehicle is in the best shape in can possibly be in, and she can got the best deal she could.

This saves her money in the short-run, long-run, fast-jog, slow-sprint, or whatever you want to call it. (Slow spint? Is that a thing?) You can keep your title of BFF, and the two of you can go for a leisurely cruise in her thoroughly inspected vehicle and still afford ice cream at night.

If you have any questions about these programs, please contact us by clicking here. You can also call Betten Imports (616) 301-2100 or visit them:

5901 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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