Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Quickly Cool Down Your Vehicle

As the temperature continues to rise this summer, who hasn't been in the sweltering situation of returning to your vehicle only to find that in your absence it has turned into an legitimate oven in which you could actually, if the occasion called for it, cook a four-course meal on the dashboard?

Okay, while that might be slightly exaggerated, getting into your car after it has been sitting in the hot sun all day is certainly not comfortable nor enjoyable. The good news is that there are ways to prevent and get rid of the heat that has gathered in your car to make the hottest part of your day a little more bearable.


Before you go anywhere there are several things that you can do to make your car cooler when you return, leaving you in a better position when trying to cool it back down quickly to the optimum driving temperature. First of all, if possible park in the shade. Under a tree, behind a wall, or in the shadow of a building as all will help keep the temperature from rising in your car. If you do have to park in the direct sun, be sure to use a sun visor in both the back and the front windshield to get maximum protection. If it is legal in your state, having your windows professionally tinted also goes a long way in keeping your car cool when your are in it or away from it. Shutting out UV rays not only protects your skin while you are driving, but also the interior of your car.

Heating Up:

Understandably, there are going to be times where you can't park in the shade, you don't put up your sun visors and the heat index outside is through the roof. So coming back to your car in a situation like that is where the real tricks to make your car cooler faster come in handy. The first thing to remember is that you want the hot air out of your car as fast as possible in order for the air conditioning to do its job effectively. To let the hot air escape, crack your windows and then set the air conditioning on fresh air (not recirculated air) and set the fan to high. Resist the urge to try and cool your face and upper body first and adjust the air to come out of the feet openings as this allows the old hot air to be pushed out quicker and new cooler air to take its place. As the hot air is removed, close the windows and adjust the air to hit your upper body and begin to cool it down. At this point, your car temperature should be tolerable and on its way to returning to normal, even when the temperature outside is at its hottest.

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