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Five Jeep Grand Cherokee Features You Might Not Know About

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Most folks think of a Jeep as a simple but sturdy machine, an elemental 4X4 that’s a bit rough around the edges but supremely capable nonetheless. The latest Jeep Grand Cherokee, though it upholds the Jeep tradition of off-road prowess, is also packed with enough sophistication and technology that blindfolded passengers might think they were in a luxury sedan. Here are five of the features that conspire to make the Grand Cherokee equal parts Rubicon Trail-buster and Mercedes-Benz S-Class impersonator.

1) Quadra Lift

An innovative air-suspension, dubbed Quadra-Lift, is one of the keys to the Grand Cherokee’s versatility. The system utilizes pressurized air from a reservoir in order to lift the front and rear air springs, raising the vehicle up to 2.6 inches from its normal height of 8.1 inches for optimal ground clearance and off-road performance. Quadra-Lift can also lower the suspension for sportier handling, better aerodynamics and increased fuel efficiency, while in its standard mode the system is excellent at masking road imperfections to create a refined and luxurious ride.

2) Multi-Displacement Hemi V8

Hemi V8’s have been known for supreme power for decades, and the variant under the Grand Cherokee’s hood doesn’t disappoint: with 360 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque, there’s ample thrust for any situation. However, when all that power isn’t needed, the big V8 has a Multi-Displacement System that automatically deactivates four cylinders in order to save fuel. The switch from eight to four cylinders is electronically controlled, smooth and takes just 0.04 seconds.

3) Sumptuous Interior

With a French-stitched leather console and genuine wood trim, the Grand Cherokee has received a number of awards for its impressive new cabin. Fit and finish is excellent, and soft-touch materials abound for a particularly rich feeling. Optional features like a panoramic sunroof and 506 watt Alpine Stereo make for a truly sybaritic environment.

4) Robust Towing

For all its refinement, the Grand Cherokee is no slouch when it comes to demanding tasks like towing. When equipped with the Hemi V8 and the trailer tow package, it can tow up to 7400 pounds, a testament both to the power of its engine and the rigidity of its frame. Additionally, a Trailer Sway Control system can automatically senses dangerous trailer sway and take action by automatically applying the right amount of braking to maintain control.

5) Forward Collision Warning System

Research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that almost 30 percent of the total crashes reported to police each year in the U.S. were from rear-end collisions. However, another study concluded that 1.5 seconds of additional warning could prevent up to 90-percent of rear-end collisions. To try to give drivers an extra heads-up, Jeep developed the Forward Collision Warning System, which uses radar sensors to detect when the Grand Cherokee may be approaching another vehicle too rapidly. The system then alerts driver with an audible chime.

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