Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Get More MPG with Your Car

Gas prices continue to rise as we head towards summer, and we are all looking for ways to get better fuel efficiency out of our cars. With gas mileage, small changes can make a big difference that adds up over time. Listed below are 11 ideas to help you stretch your dollar at the gas pump so you can still hit the open road without it hurting too much.

1. Drive a fuel efficient vehicle. A brand new Prius may not be the answer for everyone, but if you are in the market for a new car, fuel economy is getting better and better, and should be an important factor to consider in your next purchase.

2. Avoid rough roads. Driving on roads like dirt and gravel can decrease your miles per gallon by almost 30%. Stick to roads that are paved and smooth, which is not only easier on your shocks but on your wallet as well.

3. Maintain your car. A car that is running properly isn't going to waste gas and will be more efficient all around. Regular maintenance might seem like a pain and an added expense at the time, but over time will save you money.

4. Keep your tires properly inflated. All it takes is a quick stop at the air tank to make sure that your tires are inflated to the right amount, getting you better gas mileage and keeping you safer while driving.

5. Avoid rush hour. The constant stop and go traffic is killer on your gas mileage. If you can, try and travel during non-peak hours to maximize use of your fuel.

6. Consolidate your trips. Picking up the kids from school, running to the grocery store and dropping off the dry cleaning can all be done in one trip, if you plan accordingly. Managing to put several small trips together into one big trip can improve your gas mileage too.

7. Lighten your load. Is your trunk full of stuff that you never use? Make it a point to take out stuff that you don't use to decrease what your car has to haul around on a daily basis.

8. Reduce drag. Take off your ski racks, bike racks, and luggage racks when you aren't using them.

9. Use the cruise control. A consistent speed will do wonders for your gas mileage and it is easiest to achieve when the cruise control is on.

10. Don't idle. It turns out that you get zero miles per gallon when you are idling, so just shut off your car if you need to be sitting instead of driving.

11. Shop around for the cheapest gas. There are lots of places online that you can check for the cheapest gas in your neighborhood, so when you fill up you can get the best jump on saving money.

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