Tuesday, March 13, 2012

6 Things to Consider When Selecting Tires

Once you’ve decided it’s time for tires, you will be faced with the decision of whether or not to buy tires locally or online. You should consider several things before purchasing these tires, however. This can include pricing and safety amongst many other things. Tires are a big expense, so they should be researched before being purchased. The list below gives you some suggestions and guidelines as to what you should be looking for when considering certain tires.

1) Understand Tire basics: Tires are built from the inside out. They have about 20 different components that make them unique. Tread patterns are found on the outside of the tires and ultimately determine gripping action. The dynamics of a tire will, for the most part, be described in the coding on the tire, but there are a few other characteristics to pay close attention to.

  • Vehicle Application- Tires are classified based on the type of vehicle they serve. This can include high performance (sporty), mud and snow (harsh winter conditions), all season, all terrain and off road to name a few. A cars owner manual will suggest which is best for your car.

  • Tire Width – This will be determined by the coding on the side of the car and also what the manufacturer recommends. This code will also tell you the speed rating and radial designation.

  • Tread wear and Traction Ratings- The tread of a tire is what comes in contact with the road.

2) Consider where you drive: If you drive in harsh winter conditions that may mean you need a winter/snow tire. Think about where most of your driving is done and then move to the next step. A good determinant of this is the owner’s manual: The manufacturer of the car you are driving will have a recommended size and type of tire that works best with the car you have.

3) Where will you buy your tires? You will have the choice of buying your tires at a store or online. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both.

4) All-Season Tire: This is the most common type of tire and usually what comes on a car you buy. It is made for all driving conditions and seasons.

5) Think about your current tire: Research the tire you are currently using. Has it been reliable? Look at the tire code on your current car. Know what these numbers mean before you go to buy new cars. They are coded to help identify particular tires.

6) Consider an eco-friendly approach: A tire that is eco-friendly is beneficial to the environment. However, the drive and feel of these tires may be slightly different. 

You don’t want to spend too much on tires just like you don’t want to purchase tires that don’t suit your style or car. Also, if you get tires that are not the correct size, this will ultimately mean replacing them again. Studying up on the tires you will buy will save you time, stress and money. It can be overwhelming and confusing walking into a tire store or logging on to a tire website. Knowing beforehand what you want and need will be beneficial to your time, money and health of your car.

This guest blog was written by Jacky Jones Ford, a leading provider of used cars in North Georgia. With a wide inventory of new cars in Gainesville, GA and used SUVs in North Georgia, you are sure to find an automobile that fits your budget and style!

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