Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Volkswagen Passat Sets New Guiness World Record

The Record

The Volkswagen Passat may have beat the biggest mouthful of a name for a Guiness World Record, the "lowest fuel consumption—48 U.S. states for a non-hybrid car". Nonetheless, the Passat Clean Diesel TDI earned it, respectfully. It heard that the EPA estimated it at 31 mpg city and 43 mpg highway and laughed. 

This Passat was able to travel 8,122 miles on only 104.94 gallons of diesel. If you do your math correctly, it comes out to 77.99 mpg. Wayne Gerdes was probably saving the even '78 mpg' for the next time he goes out to break his own record.

With journalist and hyper-miling expert Wayne Gerdes (Twitter: @CleanMPG) behind the wheel along with energy conservation engineer Bob Winger, the two were able to hold off on potty breaks and shatter the old world record of 67.9 mpg.

Tips for Everyday Drivers

Gerdes said, “We felt we had a good chance of beating the existing record with the Passat TDI, but to smash it by averaging 77.99 mpg is really impressive and a testament to the potential of Volkswagen’s TDI Clean Diesel vehicles.” 

So how did they do it? First, they had the most fuel efficient vehicle at their fingertips from Volkswagen, and they were driving to save fuel. Here are the valuable tips from Wayne Gerdes for getting some amazing gas mileage for everyday drivers:
  • Plan in advance: look for impediments or topography 15 to 45 seconds ahead, rather than reacting to where you’re currently driving. Use downhill momentum to help crest an uphill section.
  • Allow the rabbits to win the race to the stoplights. Heavy braking and acceleration consume fuel at a far greater rate than coasting between intersections.
  • Obey speed limits: The difference in fuel economy between 55 mph and 75 mph can be as much as 30 percent or even higher in some cars.
Source: Volkswagen

Where to Get Your Volkswagen Passat TDI
To get your Volkswagen Passat TDI, or set up a test drive (unfortunately, we won't let you make any world record attempts during your test drive), contact us here on our blog, or visit Betten Imports in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

More about Volkswagen from GR AutoBlog:


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