Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Special-Edition 35th Anniversary Volkswagen Golf GTI

1976: The year of America's Bicentennial, Rocky and the $.60 gallon of gasoline. For Volkswagen enthusiasts however, 1976 stands out for another reason.

It was the year Volkswagen introduced the world to the Golf GTI; the first true hot hatch, representing a contemporary shift in the automotive industry.

To celebrate the Golf GTI's 35th Anniversary, Volkswagen will release a special-edition Golf. The re-designed GTI has aggressive design elements, while maintaining a subtle homage to the classic '76 model.

The VW GTI has been hailed as the best in its class for the past 35 years and is likely to stay there with a little help from the special-edition GTI's fresh features including a new front-end bumper, '35' badges adorning the front wings and 18-inch alloy wheels.  The re-designed hot hatch is also beautiful on the inside with its optimal lateral support sport seats, unique leather/fabric upholstery and a gearshift lever designed in the fashion of a golf ball.

Many of  the '35' edition's features suggest a subtle dark color scheme, including LED daytime running lights with a black-tinted background, darkened trunk and rear-side windows and black exterior mirror casings.

Volkswagen's inimitable sports range has also received quite an extensive internal makeover. The GTI's style update is accompanied by a power boost of 235bhp, a 25hp upgrade from the standard GTI. The extra horsepower means that the VW Golf GTI will be the most powerful GTI to ever be produced - not too shabby for a 35th birthday.

The new VW Golf GTI will make its world debut at the famous Worthersee GTI event in Germany during the first week of June.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="475" caption="Volkswagen's special-edition Golf GTI, a refreshingly modern take on a car that shook up the auto world when it debuted in 1976."][/caption]

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