Monday, August 29, 2011

2012 Volkswagen Up!

Volkswagen up!

Say hello to the latest edition to the Volkswagen family: the Up! compact car. The Up! may be just 139.4 inches long and 64.6 inches wide, but VW calls it "a giant among small cars."

Up!, the next 'big thing' in the small-car sector, comes in a trio of three-cylinder engines: two gasoline-powered and one natural-gas powered engine. There will be the option of a 59 horsepower gas engine that receives 56 mpg, and a 74 horsepower engine with 55 mpg. The natural gas-powered engine, with a later release date, will boast 67 horsepower with a truly impressive 73 mpg.

The Up! stands out as a particularly urban-friendly car, not only because of its compact size and formidable fuel-efficiency, but also thanks to its new high-end safety technology. The City Emergency Braking System, a standard feature in the compact city car, uses radar to prevent low-speed collisions, much like Volvo's City Safety System.

Another buzzworthy feature is the Up!'s "Portable Infotainment System" with a touch-screen tablet mounted on the car's dashboard. The tablet will allow drivers to choose from various applications, taking the Volkswagen personal driving experience to an unprecedented level of customization.

The Up! will be available in three different trim levels: entry-level (Take Up!) comfort-level (Move Up!) and the high-level (High-Up!). Pricing has not been announced yet, but we do know that Volkswagen is releasing both black and white launch editions. Its official unveiling will happen in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the site of its initial introduction as a VW concept four years ago.

The Up! car will be released in Europe this December. An all-electric version of the Up! is on course for a 2013 debut.

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