Friday, September 9, 2011

2012 Call of Duty Jeep: Modern Warfare 3 Special Edition

Gamers, step away from your controllers: Jeep and Activision are joining forces once more for a second Call of Duty Jeep.

In 2011, the Call of Duty franchise teamed up with Jeep for a game-inspired Black Ops Wrangler. Now Jeep has a new special edition just in time for the release of the much-anticipated Modern Warfare 3.

Although the real world you'll be driving your Jeep through will be hopefully much less 'exciting' than the hazardous war zone of the game, the Wrangler is loaded with some impressive off-road features. It's equipped with 32-inch tires, a power hood dome and new special edition features including live axles, a two-speed transfer case and locking differentials for both the front and rear.

The Modern Warfare Wrangler also comes equipped with some major Mopar additions, including a heavy-duty front bumper with an optional winch, revised rear bumper, rock rails and more.

What makes the special edition truly stand out are its Call of Duty graphics on the spare tire cover, front fenders, embroidered seats, and our personal favorite: a special, serialized dashboard-plaque, (watch the video below for a look at the interior.)

The MW3 Wrangler will be released in both black or silver editions, with the option of either two or four-door body styles. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and the Jeep it inspired will both be released in November.

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