Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Volvo Concept You

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Volvo's Concept You is a luxury sedan with the perfect blend of traditional luxury and contemporary touchscreen technology.

The You, a model that has evolved from Volvo's Concept Universe, may represent the future of the car company's larger sedan models.

The You was clearly given that name for a reason: Its driver-centric design includes multiple touch pads that allow you and your passengers to access and adjust a wide range of infotainment options.

The concept's intuitive touch-based technology utilizes a half-dozen touch pads that can be brought to attention at a touch or even simply a gaze in the right direction. This is made possible through hidden infared cameras that register the driver's eye and hand movements triggering the touchscreen controls. With the help of in-car file transfer systems, infotainment data can also be "flipped" between the front and rear consoles.

The touchscreen aspect of the You makes for a 'clean interior' that replaces the cluttered chunkiness of knobs and buttons with the smooth surfaces of touchscreens. The interior has truly luxurious details, such as wood floors, handcrafted pieces of walnut, leather panels, Dianmica suede roof lining and more. Exterior details on the grille and headlights were inspired by the iconic Danish design house by Georg Jensen.

The You also has a unique color theme that blends gradually from dark to light, in both the seating and the floor covering. The hand-tufted carpet designed by Swedish brand Kasthall, also has a texture that transitions from firm in the front to soft at the back of the vehicle.

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