Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart

It won't fix your golf swing, but it will take you to go find your ball deep, deep in the woods in the most stylish way possible. In fact, you may just leave your ball in the woods to go race other golf carts, go exploring, and show off to your friends.

Worthy of a golf clap itself, Mercedes-Benz designed the "Vision" Golf Cart around the opinions of hundreds of golf and auto enthusiasts around the world. The best ideas were put into the design from Mercedes-Benz Advance Design Center in Carlsbad, CA. The drawings were introduced during the 2013 British Open.

Inside is exactly what you would expect from a Mercedes. It has plenty of touch screens, not too many buttons, and has the technology that says "Yeah, next year's model will probably come with a caddy."

To see a description of these features, check out the images below. Some that caught our attention were the Air Scarf, which is used to heat up the golfer's neck when it's cold outside, the classic LED headlights, and iPod/iPad docking station. The cart would be solar powered, but also with the option of a plug-in charge. The "Fore" Button is probably the favorite, sparing the golfer's vocal chords to warn other golfers of an oncoming golf ball. Quite intuitive, but hopefully whoever can afford this golf cart can also afford some golf lessons to straighten out that shot.

So maybe we'll see it, maybe we wont, but it gives us the confidence to say that Mercedes-Benz in continuing to give "The best or nothing" based on what their customers want. Whether that's cars, golf carts, helicopters, or lasagna, it's going to be good.

Source: Mercedes-Benz, MBUSA

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