Sunday, July 21, 2013

Volvo V60 Coming to USA in 2014

Rumored to float across the pond in January of 2014, Americans have long anticipated the arrival of the Volvo V60. Introduced as a 2015 model year, this sportswagon has a sporty appearance, while having the practicality of a wagon. In fact, by the end of 2015, every Volvo model in the USA will have been redesigned. It is the most significant refresh in Volvo's history!
"With the launch of the 2014 model year, all of the car lines in our range with the exception of one will now be less than one year old. The remaining car line, the XC90, will be replaced with an all new version, which will be launched at the end of 2014."
- Doug Speck, Volvo Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service
Notably different on the V60 and the rest of the 2014 models are the widened grille, LED daytime driving lights placement, and full internet access (with wifi hotspot on smartphone). The driving lights stay on full power during the day, then are reduced by 30% brightness at night to save energy contributing to Volvo's 'green' movement in energy conservation. Also, City Safety and a host of safety features now come standard on 2014 vehicles.
"In light of the fact that 75 percent of all collisions occur at speeds of 10 miles per hour or less (16 km/h) and that 50 percent of these occur in city traffic situations, City Safety is an important step forward in helping prevent numerous accidents. Potentially, City Safety could prevent up to 50% of all rear-end collisions."

Remembering that the goal is to have no Volvo-related injuries by 2020, it is the first manufacturer in the world to have this as a standard feature.  Along with this refresh, come some exciting new additions to the interior. The instrument cluster has an option of 3 modes; performance, eco, and elegance (See images).

The category names speak for themselves, but they give the driver different data depending on what mode they are using. Performance mode will tell the driver how much power they are using, and how much they have left. To the left, the screen displays the engine temperature.  In the middle of the cluster, it displays the RPM dial and mph in digital form. This allows for getting optimal performance from your Volvo.

In Eco mode, the driver is able to see the RPMs on the right hand side, while displaying the "Eco Guide" on the left. The Eco guide allows the driver to see exactly how eco-conscious they are driving. The level on the left shows the optimal level for fuel efficiency. If the driver is doing well, they are rewarded with the eco light. The light comes on when the driver is getting the most mpg and being as efficient as possible.

In Elegance mode, the driver is able to see the basic cluster, featuring RPMs, mph, and engine temperature. It is simple, and well, elegant. Nothing flashy, nothing that pops out at you, and nothing to be overly concerned about. For a supreme luxury drive, this mode is for you.

Until the V60 gets here, we'll be thoroughly enjoying the S60 and the XC60 in the same series. We haven't heard any price estimates for the V60 in the USA yet, but we would guess somewhere around $37,000 for the basic package.

Source: Volvo,

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