Friday, March 7, 2014

Check Tire Pressures Regularly To Avoid Underinflation

The following is a guest post by Paul Miller about how to check tire pressure and the benefits of using the right the tire pressure. Use his advice to maximize the performance and MPG of your car, and remember to visit Betten Imports to meet your transportation needs. Enjoy!

Underinflation of tires is the state in which tires lack the appropriate recommended pressure to operate properly. Modern tires often stand the test of time but it is still advisable to do regular checks on your tire pressure. Checking tire pressure can be done manually or automatically by the use of pressure monitoring systems. These systems are programmed to alert you when pressure in any or all of the four tires falls below the recommended standard. However, even with the installation of such a device on your car, manual checkup is still highly recommended. The combined efforts bring forth better results.

How to check tire pressure

  • Check the tires when they are cold, in that they haven’t been used, in order to get accurate readings. When in use, tires heat up and expand hence the pressure reading at such a time would be exaggerated. 
  • Check the owner’s manual for the recommended pressure when the tires are cold.  
  • Unscrew the valve cap and press the air pressure gauge evenly into the valve system. A hissing sound should not be produced in order to get an accurate reading.  
  • A similar reading to the owner’s specifications is a good sign of proper inflation. 
  • Replace the valve cap to avert moisture and dirt from accumulating in the valve system.

Benefits of checking tire pressure

  • Regular checking of tire pressure will help you maintain normal and proper drive patterns even at high speeds. Underinflated tires make the car veer off occasionally due to lack of stability. 
  • Properly inflated tires will offer you maximum mileage per every litre of fuel consumed by your car which is owed to rolling resistance. This will increase your savings on fuel costs even during long trips with your car. 
  • Checking your tire pressure will help you avoid accidents caused by poor handling of low tires and blowout accidents as well. 
  • Properly inflated tires will save you the time and money spent on making numerous unnecessary trips to pumps. 
  • Appropriate inflation of tires will enhance their treads’ resistance to wear and tear which is brought about by low pressure. This provides you with another chance of saving up on purchasing new tires every so often. 
Evidently, regular tire pressure checkups will offer you a great experience with your car. This is due to the safety provided by properly inflated tires owing to their stability on the roads. Also, properly inflated tires come with economic benefits of saving up on unnecessary spending on repairs, maintenance and replacement. This simple constant process will relieve you of unnecessary vehicle burdens that come with underinflated tires. Be wise and avoid paying the eventual dear price.

This guest post is written by Paul Miller of Deals on Wheels, a tire shop with large inventory of rims, wheels, and tires West Palm Beach, FL. Visit their website at
for more information, auto tips and guides.

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